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The Spring Cleaning Kit

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Featured in this box:

Ceramic cat soap/lotion dispenser
Abbott Collection, $22.00
Why not cat-ify every room of your house?  This white ceramic dispenser
is just what your bathroom or kitchen is missing!  Fill it with soap or lotion
and just wait for the compliments to start rolling in. 

Modern refillable lint roller
Flint, $9.99
Meet Flint - the world’s first retractable, refillable lint roller.  Just twist the
base and the roller extends, then press the top down to close. When retracted
the paper stays clean inside the Flint and can be reused & never sticks to
things it shouldn’t.

Paw print stud earrings, rose gold tone, $9.99
Little messy paw prints all over the place might not be the cutest thing, but
little rose gold paw prints on your ears?  Now that’s adorble.

Bonus: meow towel
The Cat Kit, bonus item
Just in case you have a mess to clean up... do it in style.

Catty coil spring toy
Categories, $5.99
Put a little “spring” in your Spring. This toy combines two of a cat's favorite
things: strings and springs.  The erratic movements will keep your cat on it's
toes as it bats, kicks, tosses and pounces.

Moppy mouse toy
Zanies, $2.00
Cats love clawing and batting at this “mop” texture. There is a rattle inside to
add a little extra fun!

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