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The Celebkitty Kit

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Featured in this box:

Famous on the Internet canvas tote
Tabby James, $12.00
It's time to face it... your cat's Instagram has more followers than yours, and that's
something to be proud of.  Carry your bag around town and get ready to answer
questions about your famous feline.  100% cotton canvas.

Cats on Instagram book
Chronicle Books, by @cats_of_instagram, $16.95
Cat lovers, rejoice! This irresistible book compiles over 400 photos from the
hugely popular Instagram profile @cats_of_instagram into a keepsake treasure.
Playful categories including "bowties," "surprise!," and "happy cats" showcase
all the charm and delightful quirks of the wide world of cats.

Popcorn catnip toy
Polydactyl, Inc, Etsy, $4.99
Maybe your cats haven’t made the big time just yet, but the little stars of your cell
phone videos certainly deserve to be on the big screen!  And what’s a movie without
a little popcorn?  This toy is handmade in Philadelphia and stuffed with catnip.

Catwalk designer bowtie collar
Rosewood Pet Products, $5.99
Your little star deserves a little style.  Walk the catwalk in this modern & stylish
navy blue bow tie collar with adjustable fit, quick release safety buckle, and
removable bell.

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