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Big Mews! Subscriptions are over - what now?

Jennifer Horton

Posted on April 17 2017

We are making big and exciting changes at The Cat Kit!  When we started a year ago, we started as a subscription service - eventually sending hundreds of boxes to cat lovers each month.  Now, for our anniversary, we can't wait to begin the next phase of The Cat Kit.  We think you'll love it, too. 
  • No more subscriptions.  If you were every wary of ordering from us because you don't want to sign up for a subscription - you're in luck.  No more subscriptions, no more re-billing.  Simply buy what you want, when you want.

  • Know exactly what you're getting.  We know that many of you LOVED getting a surprise box of goodies each month, but sometimes you just want to know what you're paying for, right?  And besides - there's nothing worse than seeing what you missed out on the previous month and seeing that we've sold out.  Now, you'll be able to see the contents of the boxes before you buy.  

  • More variation.  We're going to keep doing themed boxes (yay!), and now we'll be able to offer more variation - mini boxes, people-only boxes, cat-only boxes, etc.  

  • Free shipping to the U.S.  If you're located in the United States, you'll get free shipping on everything!  We're working on rolling out shipping to the rest of the world as well, and you'll pay just a bit more to get it to your door.